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Q1:  What fees do you charge for Financial Planning?

Financial planning service consists of a base fee and an hourly rate. Because case complexity varies, the time required to complete a plan will also vary.  We initially provide a complimentary exploratory assessment, after which we will prepare a quote for your review.  The base price is due at the outset of the project. Additional charges are billed separately. 

Planning Components                                                  Base Price

Personal                                                                          $250

Personal + Business                                                      $400

Personal + Business + Trust                                         $500


Plus: Hourly Rate $150

Q2:  How can I receive complimentary Financial Planning?

We provide complimentary Financial Planning for clients who wish to have us manage their investments.  

For more information, please see the Investments page and Investments FAQ

Q3:  What is e-Courier?

 Protecting your information is a priority at Milan Financial Group. is Canada's premier

secure email and file sharing service we use to send and receive sensitive and confidential information. 

Q4:  How do I send a secure message?

  1. Log on to - your username is your email address.

  2. At the top bar towards the left, click "New."

  3. Click "Compose a New e-Package."

  4. Enter Ferd's email address,

  5. Write your message and/or attach a file.

  6. Click "Send Secure e-Package."

Q5:  How do I reset my e-Courier password if I forget what it is?

  1. Click "Forgot my password?" on e-Courier's homepage.

  2. A hint will be sent to your email to help you remember your password.

  3. If you still cannot remember, please contact Joy at 

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