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OUR Investment Approach – Working With You

Based on your personalized plan, we determine the best mix of products to suit your goals and risk tolerance. We follow a disciplined approach to investing, where we trust in markets, avoid emotional decisions and minimize expenses and taxes.

Our Investment Philosophy

What makes our investment philosophy different is that we believe in long-term solutions and trust in how the markets work.

"How to Win the Loser's Game" by Sensible Investing

Landmark documentary featuring interviews with some of the biggest names and brightest minds in the investment world. A simple way to explain how complex stock markets really work!

                                                                              November 5, 2014

Learn the facts behind proven successful investing. We educate

you on where your money is going and help you avoid risks not

worth taking.

"The Power of Markets" by Dimensional Fund Advisors LP.

Increase your chances of having a successful investment experience.  Forget fancy marketing, evidence is the best teacher!      

                                                                                           February 10, 2014

After interviewing the world's greatest investors, Tony Robbins also believes in trusting in the markets and reducing fees.

"Four Keys To Start Investing."   This is the summary of an excerpt from Marie Forleo's interview with Tony Robbins. 

                                                                                           May 26, 2016

Understanding the MARKETS

Knowing how the markets work will help you better

understand how to invest. Download "Pursuing a Better Investment Experience" for the 10 key rules that will guide your success. 

  1. Embrace Market Pricing

  2. Don’t Try to Outguess the Market

  3. Resist Chasing Past Performance

  4. Let Markets Work for You

  5. Consider the Drivers of Returns

  6. Practice Smart Diversification

  7. Avoid Market Timing in Your Portfolio

  8. Manage Your Emotions

  9. Don’t Confuse Entertainment With Advice

  10. Focus On What You Can Control

What our clients say...

Investment products are provided by Aligned Capital Partners Inc. (ACPI).

ACPI client accounts are held at CI Investment Services (CIIS).   

For more information  contact Ferdinand Milan at

Aligned Capital Partners Inc. is a member of the Canadian Investment Protection Fund (CIPF) and the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO), formerly known as Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).

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